Office Networking

The two most essential pieces of equipment when designing a network are switches and routers, these items are the heart of your network.

Network switches

Switches connect multiple devices within your network, laptops, desktops, printers and servers and allow data to be shared amongst them.


Routers connect your office to the Internet and act as the gateway for data to travel from within your network to the outside and vice versa, routers also offer excellent security if configured correctly.

When we build a network for a client we determine what fundamentals need to be covered, these include:

  • Business grade switches – reliability is essential
  • Ensuring your network can grow over time
  • Using best practices for allowing additional network features such as wireless access points
  • Designing and building your network with reliability and redundancy in mind
  • Easy to install, allowing main switches and routers to be hot swapped if required

We can carry out a site survey including network cabling requirements scalable to your business, speak to one of our IT consultants for more information.

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